Skills for employment: What to do now that you’re not in school? | Mona Vadher, TG Consulting

Do you know what you want to do when you finish school?

The world of work is changing. Employers often say that young people don’t have the skills to move into employment or understand how to develop these skills. For young people, it can be hard to build these skills if they’re not getting support from education or family.

During this interactive webinar on Learn Lounge, we will look at the skills needed to succeed in the workforce of today. You will discover how you can see yourself as others see you. We will look at how you can develop your skills and develop a plan for the summer. It will also focus on building your social capital and the speculative approach to job searching. This will be fun, knowledgeable and get you thinking about what you can look to do in the future.

TG Consulting is an independent consultancy that specialises in connecting educators, students and employers. Their ethos is to connect, collaborate and create. Their way of thinking is diverse, and this curious and pragmatic way of working ensures they work collaboratively with you to better understand the wider context in order to unearth unexpected insights.

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