Do you want to work in TV? | Careers Talk by Natascha Cadle, Creative Director of ENVY

Want to work on shows like Love Island? Great - now, we've got your attention. Not many people realise how a programme is put together and what happens after it has been filmed. This is the where the magic happens and it's called Post Production.

As part of this interactive fireside chat with Natascha Cadle, co-Founder and Creative Director of ENVY Post Production, we'll be talking about everything you need to know about a career in Post Production. Natascha will share her incredibly inspiring career story, what motivated her to start ENVY, how the idea of ENVY Academy was born and how you can get to work in this fascinating field.

ENVY is an award-winning full-service Post Production Facility, based in London, catering for all Long-form and Broadcast projects, with an incredible client list that includes Netflix, Discovery, Channel 4, BBC One to name a few.

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