A day in the life of an Investment Consultant | Employability Masterclass by Redington

Investment Consulting. It sounds complicated, but as Anna will tell us as part of her interactive Learn Lounge session, a career in this lucrative field could help you get set for a very fulfilling career.

Anna will provide some key insights into what a career in investment consulting is like, and even give us an introduction to the wider investment industry and actuarial career paths. She'll also cover the skillsets required, and most importantly, what you can do now to build these. Not to forget, we'll also be breaking a couple of stereotypes that are sometimes associated with this industry, along the way.Redington is an investment consulting firm on a mission to make 100 million people financially secure.

Redington co-founders Robert Gardner and Dawid Konotey-Ahulu started Redington with a vision: to transform people’s experience of saving for retirement from fear and uncertainty to clarity, confidence and control. Over a decade later, two employees have become scores, and millions look forward to a more secure future because Robert and Dawid dared to do things differently. Redington's vision is to help 100 million people enjoy a financially secure retirement.

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