LinkedIn Masterclass

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This exclusive workshop with experts from LinkedIn, covers a step-by-step guide to optimising your profile for your chosen industry, allowing you to network, find experience and increase your commercial awareness.

Lasting around 50 minutes long, and now available on-demand, this is a great activity for students to complete individually or as part of lessons and wider careers eduction.

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So, by the time other students join LinkedIn after graduating, you’ll have already...

Learnt about the professional mindset from LinkedIn experts

Interacted with industry leaders

Been the first to follow the fastest-growing startups

Become an expert on industry trends

Scoped out the competition and boosted your own profile

Dean Woods
Mechanical Engineering Apprentice
Nicole Gower
Marketing Assistant
Grace O'Sullivan
BTEC student
Jim McIntyre
A Level student
Yemisi Akindele
Apprentice Software Developer
Arjun Singh
T Level Student
Dominique Jones
Law undergraduate
Yusuf Bukhari
Junior Public Affairs Associate
Robert Polanski
IT Assistant

Our speakers

Bian Salins

Leading LinkedIn EMEA and LATAM for Content Marketing Consulting

KL Daly

LinkedIn Agency Partner Lead | Social Impact - UK Lead
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